A Platform Designed For Businesses

▶ Notem is a great way to adverstise you Business and generate new customers

▶ Notem is a time saving opportunity that connects Businesses with Bloggers

▶ Our vision: to take the stress out of managing social media campaigns

▶ Bloggers are the new advertisers

▶ Bloggers capture photos, film videos and author blog posts 

▶ Content appears on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Websites 

▶ Businesses are able to assign vouchers to their campaigns

▶ This voucher link can be shared across multiple social media platforms by Businesses and Bloggers, generating new customers



What is Notem?

Blogging has transitioned from being a trend, to being something of real influence.

Bloggers have moved away from reposting generic press releases to creating their own content. Good Bloggers today are sophisticated, with established individual styles.

The co-founders noticed Businesses and Bloggers were struggling with complex and time consuming negotiation processes while creating campaigns. They also noticed identical challenges were reoccurring during the creation of each new campaign. They therefore combined years of scenarios and conversations into a much-needed, automated, connection and negotiation service ➡ Notem.

Notem simplifies creating social media campaigns.

Notem simplifies managing social media campaigns.

Notem provides a swift, simple way of offering a single campaign to different Bloggers, each will create unique content. Therefore, a single campaign has the potential to deliver multiple results and returns. These can be viewed on a single page.

 Businesses seek one of three metrics:

1. Creative Content

2. Reach

3. Conversion (ROI)

Notem includes an optional affiliate mechanism that empowers buisinessess who have opted for customisable vouchers, to deliver ROI. Each voucher is unique to the Blogger for each campaign. Vouchers can be distributed by both the Businesses and the Bloggers to their respective audiences.

As more Bloggers turn their skills into a Profession, Notem strives to establish better guidelines and standards.

Notem has been designed to help both Business and Bloggers benefit mutually in this constantly evolving industry.

Sounds good? Then Notem is for you!👌

Ready, steady, join! ✔



Key Benefits

  • Able to pre-define objectives for each campaign

  • Able to assign a budget for each campaign

  • Able to make a one-off payment for each campaign

  • Notem manages payment to bloggers, if applicable

  • Able to view all the social media posts related to each campaign on a summary page

  • Able to create a campaign specific vouchers which can be bought as soon as the product is showcased

  • Notem allocates these vouchers to specific bloggers to distribute to their audience

  • The Business is also able to distribute these vouchers to their audience

  • Able to track ROI

  • The Business is able to provide feedback on each blogger’s activity

  • Notem is a simple tool to find bloggers, create a campaign, create vouchers, manage campaigns and track ROI.

How does it work?

▶ Bloggers create a profile outlining their social media experience

▶ Businesses create customised campaigns, set objectives, budgets and have the option to generate campaign specific vouchers

▶ Vouchers are Blogger specific, Bloggers are rewarded with a commission for each sale

▶ Notem uses the information from the Bloggers profile to match them with relevant Business opportunities

▶ Matched Bloggers are invited to undertake the campaign 

▶ At the end of the campaign, Bloggers provide the links to the content they have created for that campaign on a single campaign summary page

▶ Notem signs off the Bloggers once all the links have been posted

▶ Notem automates payments to bloggers, if applicable


Bloggers Create A Profile


Businesses Post Opportunities And Are Able To Add Optional Vouchers


Bloggers Matched With Business Opportunities


Bloggers Create Content


Social Follow-Up




Automated Payment to Bloggers, As Applicable