A Platform Built By Bloggers

With over 10 years of experience working with Businessess across the UK and
Europe, the co-founders have built a much needed solution to simplify and improve
Business and Blogger interaction

Why have we built Notem?

Bloggers are the new advertisers, large or small, Bloggers influence their audiences

Businesses continue to struggle to identify relevant Bloggers

Notem removes the need for complicated communications between Businesses and Bloggers

Notem is a time saving opportunity which automates the process for connecting Businesses with Bloggers

Notem also provides the next step in the Business-Blogger-Audience engagement

Notem enables the Blogger's audience to immediately buy a voucher for the item showcased

Each voucher is Blogger specific, meaning the Blogger is rewarded with a payment for each sale

Notem has therefore built a next generation affiliate network

Learning from years of experience, our vision is to simplify the interaction between Buinesses and Bloggers